LOKKO MONKEYS is an innovative and creative fusion of diverse skills in the realms of audiovisual production, graphic design, and web development.

These unique competencies come together for a single purpose : to ensure that your message is seen (and seen well!), heard, and creates an impact on the web and in the media in general.

Different worlds and origins, but common values are what make LOKKO MONKEYS so rich.

LOKKO MONKEYS challenges the typical structure of an agency, with no centralized physical space for our operations. In fact, it's the opposite! We are constantly on the move and flexible, evolving with your time and its new codes.

In the digital and nomadic era, each of the projects entrusted to us is carried out according to the initial briefing and in the best possible way, without being subject to the principle of "endless meetings."

Indeed, we do not believe that a project requires no supervision, at least "physical" on the contrary, exchange is essential for the completion of a project! - but we prioritize efficiency above all, in addition to style and well-executed work!

Currently, it is almost inevitable not to collaborate remotely with clients, thanks to current technologies. We are fully integrated into this reality, seeking creative and productive ways to make the most of this dynamic.

The story of a name and a logo

Expressing everything that drives us through a name and logo is a challenging task. It is always simpler to do this for others.

But what about for ourselves? How do we convey who we are, our remarkable achievements, while maintaining our identity and values, without losing meaning or forgetting a detail?

The search begins with a symbol, a myth that speaks to us and that we can divert for any useful purpose... The three wise monkeys ("See no evil", "hear no evil", "speak no evil").

However, as it stands, it says the opposite of what we want to express: TO BE SEEN, HEARD, AND TALKED ABOUT...

In the lush jungle of communication, three wise monkeys stand as guardians of our creative approach, attentive to the world around them, communicating wisely.

Each one embodies a vital aspect of our way of communicating, encapsulating the innovative spirit that drives our work in audiovisual, graphic design and web development.

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We are here to help you where we can with any requests you may have.

Phone: +399 543 222 123
E-mail: info@crocal.com
Address: 709 Honey Creek Dr., New York

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